Parc Clematis opening preview on Saturday

The development projects, including nearly 20 city residential land developers, and it is by far the most ambitious projects.

The park is located in Clematis Park West condo, which covers an area of the site of 633,000 square feet to the floor area ratio, which has nine of 24 stories tall towers in the area from 452 square feet (a bed) to 2,669 square feet (one of the biggest five bedroom penthouses), ranging from a terrace area of 12 units from 2,659 square foot, while a bungalow started six covers an area of 3,832 square feet.

The price of a one-bedroom unit at approximately NZ 1,550 per square foot, two living rooms, three NZ 1,540 per square foot per square foot room NZ 1,530. On the other hand, there is no landing unit prices.

In addition to providing services such as club multi-purpose entertainment and playroom as well as public facilities such as Clematis, the park also features a large shopping centre and train station, the most recent of which is a Clementi subway station.

Deputy chief executive of Singhaiyi, Gregory Sim said, “I think, particularly for clematis market there has been demand, as the region over the past three and a half years has no new products to market.”

ERA Realty Research director Nicholas Mak and advisers to the Commercial Times said that taking into account its location, he hoped the project would have been well received.

However, although potential buyers prefer its geographical location but Richard Ellis ( research director for Southeast Asia Desmond de Maxim (Desmond Sim) it is expected that the project will not be fully sold out.

“The upcoming economic plight gives buyers more cautious. They also have a lot of choices, so we don’t want people poured into projects, “he said, with a reference to the area recently were still unsold units of the launch. Kent Ridge Hill Residences 548 apartments of the 356 set has not yet sold, while a pair of neutron stars (Twin Vew.) set of 65 were set within 520 remain unsold.

Parc Clematis plan completed in the third quarter of 2023.

Parc Clematis
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