Entering into Singapore Real Estate Market – Is is a good opportunity?

New private trading activity last year, but has so far launched eight projects a hypermarkets, only four projects sales reached five percent, while the remaining four projects sales of up to 23 percent or so.

A local home prices rising, two consecutive quarters of new private trading activity last year, but has so far launched eight projects a hypermarkets, only four projects sales reached five percent, while the remaining four projects sales of up to 23 percent or so.

Analysts said the survey project hypermarkets may in five years sold out within a period of all units, however, as sales increased risk, it is expected that developers will no longer be on such a large scale project interested, hypermarkets project would walk into history.

The so-called hypermarkets project, referring to the development of large, with more than 1000 units in private projects.

According to industry data shows that Orangei compiled last year by the end of August this year, there were a total of eight new hypermarkets rollout of Residences, Riverfront sales best selling 1106 units, sales of up to three quarters, in addition to retreat yet (Stirling Residences), Affinity at Serangoon and Dong Jing court (Parc Esta), one of three projects such as hypermarkets sales are more than five percent.

However, the remaining four projects, including a hypermarkets Shun Fu Xuan (JadeScape), Yue Lake court (The Florence Residences), Ju Po yuan (Treasure at Tampines) and Jin Tai parentage (Parc Clematis), sales of only 23 percent or so. Like the local unit is the largest number of Ju Po yuan, there were a total of 2,203 unit, 662 units sold to date, sales as per 100.

Head of research and consulting industry Orangei put Yan Lianhe Zaobao Qing accept access, said the project sales in hypermarkets actually performed better than expected, especially considering the impact of property cooling measures, macroeconomic uncertainty and other background, half BA level project sales, still more than a fifth to more than 500 units, performance highlights.

As a whole, one of the eight projects were 11469 hypermarkets apartment units, and has so far sold 5077 units, sales at an average of 44%.

PA projects more difficult levels of collective sales. It is worth mentioning, announced last month the South Peak of Royale (Avenue South residence) are hypermarkets project, a total of 1074 units, developers (UOL) industry group said on first day of trading, selling more than 270 units.

ERA of industry research and consulting director Mak Chong win also believes that hypermarkets project to date sales performance was generally good, with a number of projects, many for hypermarkets sales amount to little more than a dozen medium-sized private project.

Although the number of new private homes project, Mak Chong win says hypermarkets project to attract buyers, there was still a lot of advantages, including a lower price point, can provide a range of facilities, as well as a flat fee is low.

In his best-selling Riverfront residences, for example, pointed out that the item in a public price for 1313 yuan, for a total price of 828000 yuan, which is a new low price private projects.

Under the regulations, developers are required to complete projects within five years and put all units sold, otherwise it will have to pay an additional buyer stamp duty (ABSD).

In July of last year a series of cooling measures, the government will increase the amount of Abs.d. from 15 to 25.

However, from the collective sales perspective, Mak Chong win hypermarkets that many homeowners, making projects more than eighty homeowners agree that is a big challenge, but more difficult to collective sales.

If ABSD. regulations such as the status quo continues, such projects on the resale market is relatively unpopular. ”

The project at the prospect of BA, SRI firm’s managing partner Liu Minho also takes a more cautious approach.

He said that hypermarkets projects steady demand over the past few months, and it is often best selling item. “But as the developers could pay Abs.d. increase them down if they are willing to take on such a huge risk, bidding on an area of huge hypermarkets project sites, would be a big question mark.”

From garden (Mandarin Gardens) and Brad King (Braddell View) collective sale items such as unsuccessful results show

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